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Quadro in Laptops

Leverage the most powerful visual computing capabilities anytime, anywhere. NVIDIA Quadro? GPUs fuse portability with large memory capacity and the latest NVIDIA RTX? technology—featuring real-time ray tracing, advanced shading, and AI-enhanced tools—to deliver desktop-level performance on the go. Accelerate the most challenging workflows across industries and unleash the creative power of laptops built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX?.


Bringing RTX Power to Every Workflow

Drive Design and Visualization Projects

Leverage the power of real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and advanced graphics in a thin and light form factor so you can meet the most challenging design and visualization workflows.

Accelerate Data Science Performance

Boost productivity, accelerate time to insight, and lower the cost of data science projects, without being limited to your desk with NVIDIA-powered data science workstations.

Inspire Creativity

Bring RTX acceleration to the creative applications you use every day to create, animate, and design more visually stunning content than ever before—from anywhere.


Quadro-powered Dell 17 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered HP 17 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Lenovo 17 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered MSI 17 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered ASUS StudioBook S W700 17 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Razer Blade Pro 17 inch Notebook


Quadro-powered Dell 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered HP 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Lenovo 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered MSI 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Asus 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Acer 15 inch Notebook
Quadro-powered Razer 15 inch Notebook

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